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Conserve, Protect, Educate

Georgia Chapter

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We are a chapter of the Dallas Safari Club in Georgia. Serving Georgia’s wildlife and its habitat, hunting heritage, teach outdoor education, and the conservation efforts of those who value and steward wildlife resources. DSC Georgia is a nonprofit organization that promotes wildlife conservation, education, and shooting sports through proper funding, education, and resources. 


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Dallas Safari Club Georgia Chapter Is proud to partner with these great conservation and education efforts: 

 Dr de la Rey from Embryo Plus South Africa

The Embryo Plus team, led by Dr Morné de la Rey, BVSc., is working to develop techniques that can be used to save critically endangered species. WWW.EmbryoPlus.com


Seeds of Greatness

 Cristine Seidell BSEd, MA, APC, CCH  is a licensed therapist and public speaker 
 Seeds of Greatness Therapeutic Wilderness Program serves families with children 9-18 years old with the following presenting concerns, not otherwise treated successfully via traditional therapy. Using the dynamic opportunities presents in wilderness living and responsible conservation learning, Seeds of Greatness capitalizes on experiences not otherwise available in most children’s everyday life.

GA R3 Initiative Outreach

Georgia R3 Initiative (recruitment, retention and reactivation) is a cooperative effort led by Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division (GA DNR-WRD), Georgia Wildlife Federation (GWF), National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), National Deer Association, and the Georgia Chapter of Safari Club International. The goals of this initiative are to 1) to increase participation in hunting and shooting sports as they relate to hunting and 2) to increase societal acceptance and understanding of hunting and shooting sports (Georgia Wildlife Federation, 2020)  [more]

We are dedicated to preserving the future of conservation through youth mentoring programs and education.

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